Why we need Human Union now:

                                               The case for Human Union

This page presents some of the arguments in favor of starting a Human Union. This page is a work in progress. There will always be other possible arguments we need to add on. Please feel free to send any suggested arguments that should be added to this page.

   Our human identity is more important than our national or religious identity; our political system should reflect this

As long as we believe that we share a common humanity and that the only acceptable form of political justice is one that does not discriminate between human beings we will need to develop a “human” political system; one which does not discriminate against people based on their national citizenship, or other irrelevant criteria. To guarantee basic human dignity to all humans requires some attempt to develop a political consciousness and community that goes beyond national borders. That is what the Human Union will be. If we continue to treat justice as something to be achieved within national borders we will never see an end to issues such as people attempting to flee their Country only to be told by their fellow human beings that they may not enter another country as they do not hold the correct national citizenship. Building a Human Union is not an idealistic addition to a satisfactory world but a necessary next step in a world where improvement is not only possible but necessary if we are to respect human dignity.

The current crisis of the world; both environment and economic, and many other problems can only be solved through a genuinely trans human political system

Many say economic issues (as in world poverty) or environmental issues are more important than building a human political community. Yet the lack of a human political community is the very thing that is making concerted action on these issues impossible. The process of building a Human Union will also be the process of developing a political community that will enable us to deal with these issues as humans rather than competing national tribes.

Demonstration and incentive effect

One of the greatest achievements of the European Union has been its incentive on reform in other countries. With the incentive of EU membership available reform leaders in non EU member countries have been able to agitate for basic democratic and human rights reforms on the grounds that “these will get us into the EU”. This incentive effect in Eastern Europe has been colossal. Why not make it possible for reform leaders in any country in the world to be able to say: Achieve this level and we can join the Human Union; we can be welcomed into the human political community. At the moment they can only say: Achieve this level and we may be treated well by other countries if it suits their national interest. Let us start to build a political system which can welcome our fellow humans in building a community rather than dividing us by focusing on competing national interests.

Achievable compared to either sudden change or no change

Building a Human Union incrementally may seem too slow. Why not call for all the nations of the world to form a Human Union now? History shows that attempts at instant reform involving all countries have required so many compromises to ensure participation that they do not work. As long as there is such a low probability of forming an effective organization in a once off grand gesture it makes sense to try the gradual path. The EU has achieved much by a gradual approach. A hundred years of seeking instant transformation will only realize a hundred years of no progress.

Avoid the next war and stop the ongoing civil war of humanity

The system of sovereign nation states is guaranteed to produce warfare as it offers no way to achieve security other than to be ready to go to war against other nation states. That is why the endless military successes and supremacy of the US and British have never bought them security. Victory in each war only means they must prepare for the next. Only the building of a human political community can reduce the likelihood of war. The EU has now reached a point where the probability of war amongst its long term members, including historical adversaries, is extremely low. It will be the same with the Human Union. Just as it will offer an incentive to political progress by offering a community to join, starting to build it is the only effective method of starting to reduce the incidence of warfare. If you oppose warfare you need to encourage the government of your country to make a Human Union Declaration. Every war is really a civil war of humanity. It is time to stop the human civil war by starting to build a political system that respects humans; a Human Union.

                                      The next stage of the human political project

The last few centuries have seen a flowering of the human political consciousness. A growing awareness of the inherent worth and dignity of all human beings has seen a dramatic rise in respect for human rights and democracy. As this political consciousness continues to grow we will eventually realize that one of the crucial next steps for the flowering human political consciousness is to move from a system of competing states to a human political system; a Human Union.