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 What is the Human Union Project Idea

The idea is to build a political system based on respect for all human beings; a Human Union. The current system of competing national states has given us entrenched inequality, conflict and warfare. People work against their fellow humans on behalf of their nation states rather than for the building of a human political community. It is time to start the move from the national age to the human age. It is time to start the Human Union Project.  Click here to see an introductory video about the Human Union Project on Youtube.

Human Union is not just a good idea, its crucial that we start one soon       

The world is beset by many problems;  poverty, hunger, war,  global warming, inadequate human rights protection, are just some of these.  The solution to any of these issues requires that we work together as human beings, rather than against each other as members of competing nation states. Time is running out. Its time to build a Human Union.

     Starting a Human Union won't be difficult, it can start and grow gradually:   

Many people say the idea is good, but its not possible in our period of history. But in fact it is!  A Human Union can start straightaway. It does not require all countries to agree at first. It can start with as few as two countries agreeing to some basic level of co-operation in a limited union which is open to gradual expansion.  Any country anywhere, or the European Union, can start a Human Union simply by issuing a Human Union Declaration; a declaration that it is willing to negotiate with others to form a Human Union based on respect for democracy, human rights, and environmental protection.

            How to support the Human Union Project:

There are many ways to support the Human Union Project. You may wish to cooperate with this website in some way, or you may wish to develop your own project to support Human Union. Click here to see a list of ways to work with this website to support Human Union, including having your name published on this website as a supporter of the Human Union Project.

What is this website for

This website has been established to promote awareness and support for the Human Union Project. It presents a selection of the arguments for  Human Union and provides a place where people can see the Human Union Project. We don't know exactly how the Human Union will emerge (although this website has some possible scenarios), and we will support anything going in the right direction. Perhaps you will be the person who provides the catalyst to take the Human Union Project to the next stage.


Click here to see a list of people who have publicly declared their support for Human Union.