Here is a set of links to similar groups and/or material supporting the general principles of Human Union. If you know of something which should be added to this list please let us know.

Articles/Videos/other Media promoting Human Union

Australian border policy article

2007 Australian election article

Youtube video for Gala's single I am the World  (A song about human unity)

Other (unaffiliated) Human Union websites

 Human Union  A website focussed on building social co-operation amongst humans - "We’re on a mission to empower the powerless by developing a social platform that enables people to create their own business, provide mutual support and prosper from their data."

The Human Union  A website encouraging people to join a global agreement to be one humanity. - "The Ultimate purpose of the Human Union, is to function as a real and viable legal vertex for Humanity to legally recognize itself as a single, global, non-geographic population."

Websites/Organizations with similar goals/policies to the Human Union Project

This is the only website we know of that promotes the building of a Human Union to replace today's global system of competing states.  However there are several other sites and organizations which promote forms of democratic global governance such as democratic world federation that would achieve many of the same goals as the Human Union Project. We list those here:

Democratic World Federalists

World Federalist Movement

Vote World Parliament

UNPA  (Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly)

The Uniting of Nations (website for book which proposes progressively building a global political community using the European Union as a model)

Noupunts An interesting website discussing a range of contemporary issues, including democratic global governance. Website mostly in Catalan

Global/Human Union book review  Book review in english, on the Noupunts site. Discusses books by John McClintock and Lyndon Storey on uniting of nations/human union

Websites/Organizations with similar themes, but not specifically promoting a particular proposal for democratic global governance such as Human Union or democratic world federalism

Australian World Citizens