There are many ways to support the Human Union Project. You can work with us, or independently to support Human Union. Below are a few suggested ways to support Human Union.

1 Fill in the Human Union Project Supporter Form and have your name displayed publicly as a supporter of Human Union

One simple way to support Human Union is to add your name to the growing list of people who are willing to publicly declare their support for Human Union. Doing this shows the world there is growing support for Human Union and gives hope to others.  To have your name displayed as a supporter of Human Union please click here to go to our supporters page and fill in the form. If you do this your name will also be added to our emailing list. 

2 Post a Link to our Video and/or this website
If you'd like to do more to support the Human Union Project a simple and effective way is to post a link to this website, or to our explanatory Human Union video on You Tube. The video can be found on this website's Videos and other resources page here, as well as the url to see the video directly on Youtube. Why not post a link on your website, blog, facebook or some other web platform you may use and draw some other people's attention to the cause?

3 Write an Article, Review, or Blog comment
Of course you may may wish to do even more than just post a link. Keen supporters of Human Union may wish to publish some more detailed thought about Human Union, and/or make the case for Human Union themselvesPerhaps you may wish to make a comment on a  blog or webpage, or publish an article online or in a print magazine, arguing the case for Human Union. The Videos and other resources page of this website has the urls of some articles about Human Union. These articles may be helpful as food for thought on something to write.  Click here to access the Videos and other resources page. If you do publish something please let us know and we will do our best to promote it through this website and any other means we may have at our disposal.

4 Put up some Human Union Posters
We've created some Human Union posters, they are available for downloading  here on our Videos and other resources page 
If you're looking for some simple practical activity you could undertake to support the Human Union Project you may want to download one or more posters, print them out, and put them up in likely (so long as its legal) places, such as around your home, school, library, university, workplace, etc. You may also wish to design some better posters and post them yourself. Please send a copy of the poster to us if you do though!  

Organize your own Human Union Project Group
This website has been set up as a resource for the Human Union Project. Hopefully it can provide the seed to help Human Unionism grow. If you want to set up your own Human Union group, for instance a Country based one that agitates for that Country to issue a Human Union Declaration please do so. Its a wonderful way to support the Human Union Project. If you do try to set up a Human Union group please email us to let us know and we will try to help.

Volunteer to be a Human Union Speaker
We are planning to offer a method of helping people practice a Human Union speech and a question and answer session using skype or some other medium. Once we have this set up we can then help people to promote themselves as able to give a talk about Human Union at local schools, colleges libraries etc. We will post more details when we have worked out the process. But with or without this process if you feel you would like to give a talk somewhere supporting Human Union please go ahead and do so. Its a great way to support Human Union. If you do decide to make a Human Union talk somewhere please email us to let us know and we will try to offer whatever assistance we can.

8 Something else
What we've put up here are suggested ways to support the Human Union Project. There are many other possible ways to help the world move to Human Union. You might have a much better idea than anything we have suggested here. If you do please go ahead and do it! And please let us know about your idea too!