Starting a Human Union:

The Human Union Declaration Option

A Human Union could start in a number of different ways. Its possible, but unlikely, that all the nations of the world will met and agree to start a Human Union. More likely is that a Human Union will start gradually. Just how it will make its gradual start only the future will tell. Probably a small group of nations will agree to begin a Human Union and others will gradually join.

But what about before that? How can a concerned person, an activist, advocate for Human Union in their own Country when there isn't an existing Human Union for that country to join? At the very beginning there might be something like a Human Union Declaration. What's that? Its a declaration by one Country that it is willing to negotiate with others to form a Human Union based on respect for common political standards such as democracy, human rights and environmental protection.   


If any one country anywhere makes a Human Union Declaration then we can say that we have started progress to building a Human Union.        


In fact one of the strengths of the Human Union idea is that a Human Union can start with just one Country making a Human Union Declaration. It does not require all countries to agree to co operate first before any progress can be made. A Human Union can evolve steadily as more and more countries decide to join. Any country anywhere, or even the European Union, can start the Human Union process by issuing a Human Union Declaration.                                                                    

On the right is a draft Human Union Declaration. Of course many people may prefer a different wording. What is offered below  is just food for thought to get the idea moving


We the people and government of [name of the country]

Declare to all that:

We wish to develop a political system which respects our common humanity and which makes possible access to political justice for all of humanity rather than just a minority. We believe this wish can be realized by developing a political culture and political system which gives a voice to all human beings, not just the most powerful individuals, countries or religions.

And that therefore

We offer to begin negotiations to form a Human Union with the people and government of any other country which is willing to genuinely co-operate in such an endeavor. This Human Union will be characterized by a genuine commitment to maintain some form of democracy, human rights, economic development, international co-operation and environmental protection amongst its members. These core values need not be realized in an identical manner in each member but all must at least reach a common basic level to be agreed by negotiation between the members. Members of the Human Union will also agree never to engage in aggressive war against each other or other peoples and to support members when they are attacked by force.

This declaration is made the [day] of the month of [month] in the year [year].

It is signed by [signatory], who is properly authorized to sign such a Declaration on behalf of the people and government of [name of the country]

It is witnessed by [names of witness], who is properly authorized to witness such a declaration.